A child sits at a wooden school desk, not on the dusty floor
It rains, and she stays dry under a new school roof
Her father works at Nkwichi Lodge, the biggest employer around
Her family sing in the Choir Festival - raising the roof at Cobue cathedral
Her relatives grow better crops - or dream of winning the Manda Dug-out Canoe Race

These snapshots of a typical village family along the Lake Niassa shoreline all reflect the joint efforts of the Manda Wilderness Community Trust and the villagers themselves.

Founded in 2005, the UK-registered Trust has worked with Manda families and communities to build fuller, healthier, better-educated lives in this beautiful but isolated corner of northern Mozambique.

Together, the communities and the Trust battle to keep this rare wilderness 'unspoilt by progress' - while taking every chance to improve their todays and tomorrows.

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An appeal for help from Manda Wilderness Community Trust Chair Jeremy Toye.

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